The 4 SEO Trends You Need to Keep An Eye On

For the past few years,online marketers have seen numerous improvements to Google’s search engine algorithm. This means brands needed to constantly adapt their search engine optimisation strategies to the new rules to stay competitive.

While there’s no perfect formula to achieve a perfect SEO campaign,it helps to know what trends you need to keep an eye on to supercharge your brand’s online presence. Here are some of the trends a good HK digital marketing agency would recommend looking into:

1.) Mobile Traffic

The mobile market has definitely grown to massive size in the past years. More and more people now would rather use their mobile devices when making online search. So it makes sense to make your website as responsive as it can be. Mobile-friendly sites make for a better user experience,which can lead to better chances of lead conversions.

2.) Ranking Signals

Google uses various ranking signals to determine SERPs. The number and quality of backlinks your site has,for example,help illustrate the reach of your online brand. Apart from the common signals,however,you also need to be on the lookout for new ones,like mobile page speed.

3.) Better Content

There is increasing higher demand for well-thought-out and creative content,and you need to keep every piece of content that you publish online are top-notch quality. After all,even without the algorithm changes,you can never go wrong with creatively-made content.

4.) Social Signals

Social signals like the number of shares and likes from your social networking sites also help boost your brand’s social media presence. Social networks have expansive user bases,and it will be a huge boost if you have the means and platform to reach them.

With a good grasp what works in SEO today,you can improve your brand’s online presence and improve your chances of turning leads into sales.

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